Summer Houses & Garden Offices

It’s now more frequent than ever for people to be using their outdoor space for entertaining guests and even working from home. With space inside sometimes limited, the industry as a whole has seen a rise in demand for summer houses, entertaining areas and garden offices.

Summer houses make for the perfect space to relax outdoors and enjoy your garden. Alternatively, using the space as a garden office can help to maintain some separation between work & home life, even whilst working from home.

Balfour Landscapes specialises in this area with many years of experience in creating sublime summer houses & garden offices. We understand that our customers’ requirements vary from project to project. We know that the space available mostly dictates the size, shape and overall design of the structure you require. Therefore, all of our designs and creations are completely bespoke, one size certainly doesn’t fit all.

You are able to choose different timber types for the cladding whether it be standard treated, oak, larch or cedar. Door options and configurations can be customised as well as flooring, lighting and roofing. These options allow you to create the perfect space for your needs.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need a concrete base for my summerhouse?

This really depends on the type of structure you would like. But in most instances, the answer is yes. In order to produce a watertight building, a concrete base is required on top of a waterproof membrane. This stops any damp rising through the ground into the timbers used to create your project.

What about electrics, plastering and doors & windows? Do I need to organise these separately?

Working closely with reputable local businesses, we organise everything along the process for you to ensure it all runs smoothly and to give you peace of mind. However, if you have a preferred electrician or plasterer we will always work with them and communicate effectively to ensure the end result is the same.

Do summerhouses or garden offices need planning permission?

Whilst the vast majority of summerhouses and garden offices do not require planning permission, there are some outliers which will need to be approved before being built. We will advise you throughout the process if there are any planning regulations which will affect your new summerhouse or garden office.