The range of driveway products and options is huge from block paving, tarmac and decorative shingle. The choice of which option really comes down to personal preference and budget. Which ever option you decide, the key to a long lasting driveway is all in the ground works. It’s vital that the sub-base, levels and drainage are completed correctly to ensure that no sinkage occurs or water is trapped.

There are many different varieties of block paving these days aimed at the more traditional style and colours to very modern versions. The price per square meter can vary dramatically from £10 up to £40 or £50 depending on the look you want to achieve. We have various samples across a good range of block paving that can give you a tangible product to view at our appointments. However, specialist items would need a sample ordered which can take up to a few weeks depending on the manufacturer.

The same applies with shingle options as with the block paving. The product dictates the cost. The more decorative you go, the more expensive they become. As a general rule, a ton of 20-30mm shingle will cover approximately 20m2. It’s important to take into account the amount of traffic and weight your new driveway will take. Ideally you would use a hard stone such as a standard beach shingle or granite chipping as these are hard wearing and tend not to break down. A slate chipping on the other hand should be purely decorative and isn’t advised for main driveway areas as these are soft and can disintegrate under the tyre pressure.

Frequently asked questions:

How deep should my sub-base for my driveway be?

We always dig to a minimum depth of 150mm which will have a membrane and scalpings then laid on top and compacted to form a solid base on which to lay your blocks, tarmac or shingle. However, you need to take into account the type of ground you live on. For example, a very wet and clay based ground would give cause for concern should you dig any less than 150mm down. Although, if on a chalk based plot, this will drain particularly well and is extremely hard. 150mm is ample for you sub-base depth.

Why am I getting weeds through my newly laid driveway?

Providing a good quality weed suppressive membrane has been used, the likely answer is that your not. Over time what we call ‘self seeding’ occurs. This is where the elements and wildlife drop tiny particles of seeds and weeds which eventually bury them selves in between your blocks or shingle and they germinate. Don’t panic, a strong weed killer will see off the vast majority of these.

Does my driveway need drainage?

Ideally you should have drainage to handle the surface water that is collected. Especially for the tarmac and block paving options. There are many ways to deal with this and these depend of the levels and gradient of your drive. The simple method is to install acco drainage channels at the front of your drive and connect these to a soak away, lawn area or flower bed.

How can I stop oil and tyre marks on my new block paving?

The best form of protection is to seal your driveway with a specialist product. This helps protect your drive and repel any unwanted oil or fuel stains.